Sunday, February 10, 2019

Standing on the Precipice

Thirteen and a half years ago, my life was forever changed when I was bored one summer night and I decided to read the ugly book sitting on my night stand. It was the first edition of A Thomas Jefferson Education. (I mean no offense by calling it ugly, you would agree if you saw it.) I don't remember how long it took but my guess is that it was less than a half hour later when I was officially bitten by "the freedom bug." I realized I had been looking in the wrong place for what I wanted, a Great Education. I knew that no matter what it took, I needed to pursue the path laid out by the author to gain a Great Education in order to answer the call I received reading that night--to become a leader in the 21st Century and to lead as a freedom fighter.

So, whats with the domain name for this blog and what does it have to do with my call to fight for freedom? Destruction By Lawyers. First, I'm hoping it peeks peoples interest and gets them thinking even if they never actually read this blog. Second, it's true. There is a book that I study regularly-daily when my priorities are in order-that I recommend to anyone who is seeking greater truth and light. This book contains one particular message that helps explain my choice. The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ, states that "...the foundation of the destruction of this people is beginning to be laid by the unrighteousness of [our] lawyers and [our] judges." (Alma 10:27) I believe that this statement applies directly to our day. I wish I could explain why and give you lots of proof so you would believe it too. Because if you did, you'd see why it is vitally important that you pursue and obtain a Great Education so you can protect yourself and everyone you care about from this immense evil. Unfortunately, I can't yet, which is part of the reason I'm starting this blog. But this much I can tell you. Today, I'm joining the fight. I've been preparing for a long time, but today I'm taking the first step. Today I am publicly announcing my commitment to begin my journey to defend freedom for my country, for the world. For if it is the unrighteous lawyers that are laying a foundation for the destruction of our people, then it stands to reason that there will need to be righteous lawyers among the forces that will be required to defend the freedom that is threatened by that foundation. There will have to be those that are educated in the art of language and words and law so they can strengthen the foundation of freedom that was laid by our Founding Fathers nearly two and half centuries ago.  I want the world to know that I will be one of those righteous lawyers.

I'll be honest, I feel a little queasy writing those words, especially knowing that I've committed to send a link to this blog to several people that I know will hold me accountable to them. You see, I currently have 3 little boys that I'm trying to raise, and home school, and we're barely making it through each day right now... But that's why I'm writing this blog! Otherwise I will never get around to answering the call to go to law school. There just isn't any time. And yet I have this nagging feeling that I need to finish school within the next 8, maybe 10 years. That may sound like a lot of time but I currently have 0 college credits to my name, or as one of my almost 5-year-old twins would say it, "I have none. ZE-RO."  But, as of today, I refuse to use the realities of my daunting circumstances or my many weaknesses as excuses any longer. No more hesitation. No more going back. It's time to take action.

Why did I start this blog today, of all days? Because I received another call, again with the help of Oliver DeMille (the author of A Thomas Jefferson Education).  But this time it came through my email instead of an ugly book on my night stand. I read one of his Jefferson-Madison Debates articles called How to Get the Real News in 2019.  In it, he said that an important way to spread truth today is to write about it publicly. Imagine that! Sharing truth is especially vital right now because it is extremely difficult for most people to find it amidst the din of a 24-hour news cycle and the never-ending feeds of social (a.k.a. 'soul-shell'[ing]) media. That is, if they even think, or want, to look for it in the first place. But without truth, freedom cannot survive. For it rests on the true principles of natural law, human nature and mans God-given drive to pursue meaning and goodness, amidst inevitable hardship and failure, through which happiness is created. But who even cares about freedom these days? Not enough people. That's for darn sure. And in the midst of the post-modernist inspired mayhem, many people are beginning to believe truth doesn't exist. Such disbelief leaves freedom without a foundation. This leaves us in the most precarious position the world has ever been in since the beginning of mankind. So what is to be done?

Enter Aubrey Diane Bills. Tireless Pursuer of Truth and Never-Done-Talking Home School Mother of Three (with hopefully more to come soon). I, for one, am going to write about truth. And I'm going to write about it as I find it, and live it, on my daily journey to home school my kids, support my husband, preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, and get my law degree. Booyah. Welcome to the adventure.

Standing on the Precipice

Thirteen and a half years ago, my life was forever changed when I was bored one summer night and I decided to read the ugly book sitting on ...